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The Verge at Ellensburg | Tips for Online & Staying Home Success

Happy Monday Vergers! For those of you taking classes this quarter, the switch to online classes can be an unexpected change, so we wanted to share our favorite tips and tricks to doing well in online classes!  

Set a designated time to do school work. Especially as the weather warms up it can be so easy to put homework on the back shelf in favor of other hobbies. If this is something you struggle with, pick a block of time each day to focus exclusively on school work. 

Get a planner. This tip has been shared with students as long as they have been in school, but having one while taking online classes can be a game changer. Find one that works for you, whether it’s physical, digital, or a school to-do list, knowing what is coming up can mean the difference between success and falling behind in online classes. 

Ask for help. While classes may not be meeting in person this quarter, your professors are still available to help you with question through online channels. While students are missing in-person learning, professors are missing students, so let them know when you need help! 

Set aside time for yourself. This one might be the most important; don’t let the stress of an online classroom and increased assignments get the best of you. Tune your focus into what you’re doing, but make sure to take some time for yourself as well. 

Best wishes this quarter Wildcats, we are thinking of you!  

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