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The Verge at Ellensburg | Going Digital!

As our office continues to be fully-digital, we have been focusing on strengthening our team and growing our online presence. We hope that, during this time, our residents have been able to finish projects or learn new skills! Here in the office, some of our favorite ideas for new skills or habits are to: 

Learn a new language – Libraries may be closed right now, but that does not limit access to digital resources. Not to mention the online programs and apps that will teach you another language for free! 

Get crafty – From scrapbooking to knitting to painting (and more!) there are so many opportunities for creativity right now! If you don’t have a lot of supplies on hand consider checking out local businesses that may be offering delivery or ordering supplies online. Not sure where to start? The internet has countless craft tutorials that can help you head in the right direction! 

Start a journal – Or revisit one that you started but haven’t picked up since. Journaling can be a great way to reflect on how things are going, how you’re feeling, or what’s going on.  

Reconnect with friends – Even though many of us won’t be visiting our friends in person, this can still be a great opportunity to reach out via text, call, email, or social media and see how they are doing! 

During this period, we will still be in the office to help via phone or email with any questions. Wondering how we’re keeping busy in the office? Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to stay up-to-date! See you soon, Vergers!